Kollam Sudhi dies Malayalam actor in a car accident ,4.30 am on Monday.

Tragically, Kollam Sudhi dies a Malayalam actor in a car accident at age 39. The news of his passing brings deep sorrow, as he was renowned for his remarkable performances in numerous television shows and films.

Kollam Sudhi dies a Malayalam actor in a car accident

In a heart-wrenching incident, The mimicry artist Kollam Sudhi dies a Malayalam actor in a car accident during the early hours of Monday, June 5.

At only 39, his untimely departure has left a deep void in the industry. The accident occurred in Kaipamangalam, Thrissur district, Kerala, when their vehicle collided head-on with a goods carrier at around 4.30 am. Alongside Sudhi, three other artists—Binu Adimali, Ullas Aroor, and Mahesh—also sustained injuries and were promptly rushed to the hospital. Despite the immediate medical attention, Sudhi couldn’t be saved. The devastating news has prompted Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to express his condolences for the loss.

Kollam Sudhi dies The accident is said to have occurred at Kaipamangalam in Kerala, around 4.30 am on Monday.

Tragically, it has been reported that Malayalam actor Kollam Sudhi, aged 39, lost his life in a road accident during the early hours of Monday morning. According to Onmanorama, the incident injured three other individuals travelling with him, namely mimicry artists Binu Adimalu, Ullas, and Mahesh.

Sudhi, a beloved figure in the realm of Malayalam television

graced the screens of Star Magic, a popular show aired on Flowers channel. This entertaining program showcased a fusion of satirical skits and performances, featuring numerous television and mimicry artists. Sudhi’s delightful interactions with fellow contestants and comical transformations garnered him a dedicated following, particularly among regular television viewers. Additionally, Sudhi left his mark in the world of Malayalam cinema, making notable appearances in several films. His debut came in 2015 with the movie “Kanthari,” followed by a memorable role in “Kattapanayile Hrithik Roshan,” which garnered critical acclaim. Sudhi was also seen in the film “Keshu Ee Veedinte Nadhan.”

According to reports, it is believed that they had attended a program in Vatakara and the unfortunate accident took place during their return journey. Sudhi sustained a grievous head injury in the incident. The report further stated that despite being rushed to the hospital in Kodungallur, he tragically lost his battle against his injuries. Meanwhile, the remaining three individuals are currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Kodungallur.

Sudhi’s Entertainment Career

Starmagic, the television show, propelled Sudhi into the limelight and transformed him into a beloved figure among the public. During one of the episodes, Sudhi graced the screen alongside his wife Renu and their son Rahul. Notably, Renu is Sudhi’s second wife, as his first wife had departed, leaving baby Rahul in Sudhi’s care. Sudhi openly shared that Renu wholeheartedly embraced Rahul as her own, treating him with immense love and affection, regardless of his status as Sudhi’s son from a previous marriage.

In 2015, Sudhi entered the world of cinema, marking his debut in films. He showcased his exceptional talent by portraying notable characters, both significant and minor, in various Malayalam movies. Among his remarkable works are “Marpapa” in “Kuttanadan,” “Theta Rappai,” “Vakathiriv,” “An International Local Story,” “Keshu Ee Dimina Nathan,” “Escape,” “Katturumb” in “Swarga,” and “Ritvik Roshan” in “Kattappana.”

Sudhi and Renu’s Heartwarming Bond

As per a report, Renu, in the same show, expressed that she affectionately addresses Sudhi as “Sudhikuttan” and shares a friendly bond with Sudhi Chetan. She mentioned feeling saddened upon learning about the past, but her love for Sudhi grew when she saw Kichu, Sudhi’s son from his previous marriage, and felt a deep connection as if he were her own child. Sudhi, in an interview, revealed that Renu’s marriage to him was her first, and this particular statement has now become viral.

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